"A Property Owner's Guide to Saving Money and Finding the Right Contractor, for Your Job." 

"Veteran Contractor Shares Incredible Secrets about Contracting"


Would You Get Information about Investing from Someone who doesn't have any money or Buy Potatoes from a Florist? 

Would You Contact a Nurse to Learn How to Fly an Airplane? 

Would You Go to McDonald's, For a Nice Steak Dinner and A Relaxing Evening With Your Date? 

If You Answered Yes to the Three Questions above, That's What Most People Do, without Ever Realizing It. 

Almost Every Book I've Read on How to Hire a Contractor, Were Written By People Lacking Crucial Construction Experience. 

They Know How to Sell Books, but Do They Know Enough About The Business. 

If You Don't Want to Buy Bread from a Shoe Salesman and You're Not Interested in Buying Your Next Car at Your Doctor's Office, Then Plan On Getting Information About Hiring Contractor's From Someone Who Knows Something About Contracting.


The Authors Experience

24 Years As a Licensed General Contractor. 

Over 32 Years of Experience Working in the Construction Business. 

Master Carpenter, Custom Home Builder, Subcontractor, Real Estate Investor, Property Manager, Project Manager, Salesman, Author of Several Books and Adviser to Architects and Engineers. 

He's Worked on Apartments, Condominiums, New Homes, Remodeling Old Homes, Maintenance, Repairs, Tenant Improvements, Hotels, Schools, Industrial, Commercial And Even Churches. 

This Guy's Done It All!!!




"Contractor Secrets Finally Revealed To The Public"

For years I've been threatening contractors to write a book like this and I finally did.  Some of the contractors I've worked with in the past, don't want the information in this book to ever be revealed.

Contractor secrets like these are usually taken to the grave and wouldn't ever be revealed. These secrets can provide property owners with valuable negotiating tools that contractor's desperately don't want you to have. 

You can't negotiate effectively, if you don't understand your opponent. 

In this book you'll learn how to negotiate effectively with contractors, compare estimates and find contractors.  This book provides you with plenty of tips on how to sort through the professionals to find the real winners.




Contractor's Personalities

In recent years, human behavior and psychology have played an important role in construction job sales.  Contractors like myself are starting to study and learn more about different personalities. 

Some of this information is priceless and if you're looking for a good contractor, you need to understand how to communicate and interact with them effectively.  Hiring the wrong contractor isn't just going to cost you a lot of money or waste your time, it's going to create other problems that you might not be aware of. 

There's a section in this book that talks about conflicting personalities and how you can avoid dealing with them.  If you're an arrogant person, there's a good chance that you're not going to get along with another arrogant person. 

If you're someone who can't make decisions and you're not interested in someone forcing you to make them, you'll need to avoid hiring an aggressive contractor.  Aggressive contractors can force their clients into accepting unnecessary change orders and creating a hostile working environment. 

In the book you'll find personalities that don't work well with other personalities and this by itself, could be worth 10 times the actual amount you're actually paying for this book.



  Buy This Book If You're Interested In:

  Saving Money

  Finding a Contractor You Can Work With

  Getting Rid of a Contractor You Can't Work With

  Learning More about Contractor Referral Directories

  Contract Negotiations

  Creating a Good Working Relationship

  Managing the Construction Project

  Resolving Disputes

  Getting Inside Your Contractors Head

  Preventing Underhanded Contractor Tricks

  Avoiding Contractor Scams



This book is going to provide you with the information you need to select a good contractor. This book doesn't guarantee that you'll find the best contractor, with the most experience and the lowest price, but you should be able to come close.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice low costs for high-quality. However, a high price doesn't guarantee fantastic craftsmanship, just like a low price doesn't guarantee poor workmanship.

We'll teach you how to reach a happy medium and find a contractor who's willing to work with you, instead of against you. I highly recommend purchasing this book as soon as possible, to learn more about contractors and how they do business.


"Don't Build Another Project Without This Book"

Attention: This Is An E-book, Which Can Be Read From Your Computer And Isn't A Hardback Book Made From Paper. We Will Not Be Mailing You A Book, You Will Download It On To Your Computer.






Oh by the Way, One More Thing

I forgot to mention the reason why I wrote the book in the first place. I get tired of watching contractors and other professionals take advantage of hard-working individuals, like yourself, who are just looking for a reasonable price.

Hard-working people who are just looking for a fair deal. I've seen contractors make thousands of dollars off of their clients who weren't informed and it's just not right.

Hopefully this book will put an end to unfair work practices that take advantage of and rob people of their hard earned money, in the future. This book doesn't claim to make any guarantees, but could protect you from the ruthless contractor's who only view you as someone else they can scam.

Don't become one of the victims, become an informed consumer.

Best Wishes,

Greg Vanden Berge







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